Micro credit details

In July 2020, REDCAPA provided credit for the equivalent of € 17,800. € 8,100 was spent on material inputs (seeds, fertilizer and agrochemicals) while € 9,700 were invested in additional support. While the crops unfortunately suffered drought, the credit still resulted in the production of an estimated 50,000 kg of rice, 8,000 kg of beans and 5,000 kg of groundnuts for a total of 63,000 kg. Measured against the investment in inputs, the production was almost 8 kg per Euro.

By March 4th, € 15,000 was paid back by the farmers. (It is expected that soon almost 100% will be refunded.) At this moment however, the sunk costs of the scheme constitute € 2,800, which would implicate that some 22 kg are produced per Euro.

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